Author: Raymond Townsend

Not Just For Women Anymore

Men and women embrace body grooming as part of their every day routine. While it used to be just face shaving for men, now it includes the entire body. Grooming is certainly a matter of personal preference and men have different reasons for removing body hair. It could be for sporting reasons, religious reasons, hygiene, or personal style. Removing hair can also enhance the body shape and make it look more attractive. So, buy the […]

Where to Sell an Engagement Ring

Selling an Engagement Ring Life unfortunately, is known to throw surprises. Not all surprises are good! As a result many end up with an engagement ring that you no longer want. Sometimes when life takes a turn for the worst it might include a broken off engagement, divorce, or death. Any of these events could result in owning a beautiful engagement ring that you just do not know what to do with. When this happens […]