About Imitiki

Imitiki.com is an full fledged home alarm company providing the best level of home security throughout the North American country. With quite a years of combined expertise within the home security business, the team at Imitiki.com understands what’s needed to supply the simplest security at the simplest worth.

Imitiki.com was based by Joy and Jeff Veigas. Jeff Veigas, the founder and former President and corporate executive of Home Alarm American Force and therefore the founder and former President of Sanfrisco Bay Industries, is considered an icon within the home security business. The name Joy Veigas is substitutable with best home security and is the President and corporate executive of Imitiki.com, Joy desires to vary however North Americans secure their homes and their families. By giving a fashionable , feature made home warning device that comes with no annual contract and is priced under the other company, Imitiki.com has set itself aside from any of its competitors.

Like his father, Milton Veigas who is a leading trail blazer within the home security field, with a well-tried journal of growing home-security firms with creative sales and selling methods. The Veigas, beside the remainder of the Imitiki.com team, need to disrupt the house security business. Our goal is to supply a much better security system, with a lot of options and at a lower cost, than different home alarm firms. and that we don’t need our customers to sign an annual contract!

Our lowest priced/highest price home security warning device and best client service within the business is why Imitiki.com is that the quickest growing home alarm company in North America!

Thank you Folks !!!
Joy and Jeff Veigas