DIY Wool Dryer Balls – So Easy Being Green

DIY Wool Dryer Balls - So Easy Being Green

DIY Wool Dryer Balls - So Easy Being Green

Interested in purchasing dryer balls but don’t like the cost? Why not set aside some time for diy organic wool dryer balls? With a small investment of time you can easily make your own. They last about 1000 loads before becoming ineffective and even after they’ve outlived their purpose you can still use them for a multitude of other things. Below is a breakdown on how to make and personalize your own organic dryer balls.


Buy the Materials

All you need to make your own organic dryer balls are: scissors, a skein or two of organic yarn, nylons, blunt needle or crochet hook, string or cotton (to secure the ball in the pantyhose). Be sure to not buy any yarn that’s labeled “surper wash” or “machine washable”. Yarn with those labels will not felt properly.


How to Make Them 

This is a super easy project with not a whole lot of steps involved. All you have to do is set aside some time to make them. The steps are as follows: 

  • The first thing you want to do is wrap the wool around your first two fingers about 8-10 times.
  • Next, Pinch the bundle of thread in the middle. Pull it off of your fingers then wrap more thread around the center of the bundle about four or five times. Keep doing this until you have the beginning of a ball, then continue on until you have the desired size you need.
  • Use a blunt needle or crochet hook to tuck in the thread beneath a few layers of the yarn. Pull it through. Cut the end off. Do all of the steps again until you have 4-6 balls.
  • Finally cut off the leg of an old stocking. Place your first into the toe of the nylon. Tie off the open end with the cotton thread or yarn.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls - So Easy Being Green

How to Felt Them

After you make your own organic dryer balls, you have to felt them before you can use them. The process is not long. All you have to do is throw in your newly constructed wool thread with towels in a hot wash cycle with a cold rinse cycle. Some thread won’t felt right away and may need another wash or two. What you want to look for is if there are spaces between in the strands when you run your fingernail across them.


Customize Them

Add your own scent from a few drops of essential oil or if you have the time and patience, decorate each of your organic dryer balls with other craft material and some handy needling. The choice is yours of course. Depending on how much time you have to devote and also home much skill you have with needling. You can design your new creations to have colorful faces, intricate lines, and even phrases. 

Once the balls have outlived their days, you can still use your old ones for other things. Further customize your newly made wool dryer balls by turning them into animals or other fun craft projects.


Staying Warm When at Work During the Winter Months

Staying Warm When at Work During the Winter Months

If all or most of your job duties are performed outdoors, you may want to start early thinking about the winter months and how to stay warm. Staying Warm When at Work During the Winter Months can present a major challenge if you do not plan ahead. Fortunately, due to the new advances in technology and other things that people can do, there are many ways to stay warm and toasty, even on outdoor jobs. So, for those of you who want some tips and recommendations for this and upcoming winter months, here’s a few things that you can do on those cold brittle days on the outside. 


Take Advantage of the Heated Jacket

As stated previously, new advances in technology can make a significant difference during these times. With the development and the introduction of the heated jacket, there is no longer a need to wear several levels of heavy materials to stay warm. Instead, these jackets can help people to keep the cold at bay. In particular, when you are purchasing a heated jacket that has the following features. 


Controlled Temperatures and Length of Time Worn

High: 135F – 3+ Hours
Medium: 120F – 5+ Hours
Low: 90F – 10+ Hours 


Stylish Designs that Comes with Exception Battery Capabilities


Some manufacturers are offering jackets that have multi-functional capabilities. For instance, the wearer has the additional capabilities of charging their phone, tablet, or any USB charged device. Therefore, many of these outdoor jackets will not only look good based on fashion but they give the wearer more than what they need to do their jobs, while also taking on other personal activities too.

Staying Warm When at Work During the Winter Months

Keep Something Warm to Drink


Even though the external clothing that is worn can make a big difference in how warm a person will stay throughout the day, it is still important to remember that you can control your temperature during the winter on the inside of your own body too. This is one of the primary reasons why many employers encourage their workers to keep something warm by their sides to drink while they are on the outside performing various job activities. In fact, it does not matter if the warm liquid that the person drinks is simply water or a cup of tea or coffee, a thermos filled with hot drinks is another great way to stay warm. So, when you are thinking about what you should carry with you to your outdoor job, you may quickly find out that a thermos with hot liquids is not luxury but a necessity to keeping the frost on your eyelids away.


If you are already making plans for the upcoming winter, one of the first things that you may want to add to your list is how to stay warm outdoors. Since technology is currently accommodating a wide variety of different essential wants and needs for the worker, everyone can always take advantage of new developments. Of the most beneficial, workers can stay warm outdoors with a heated jacket and a warm cup of coffee, tea or hot water in their hands.

Where to Sell an Engagement Ring

Selling an Engagement Ring

Life unfortunately, is known to throw surprises. Not all surprises are good! As a result many end up with an engagement ring that you no longer want. Sometimes when life takes a turn for the worst it might include a broken off engagement, divorce, or death. Any of these events could result in owning a beautiful engagement ring that you just do not know what to do with. When this happens you can choose whether you want to sell the engagement and get cash for your diamonds or you can hold on to a ring that will likely no longer be worn.

sell-engagement-ringIt is important to prepare yourself emotionally for letting go of this ring. An engagement ring will hold a lot of sentimental and emotional value and sometimes letting it go stirs those emotions back up again. When they are negative experiences, the timing becomes important. Make sure you are ready to move on before you take the opportunity to sell you engagement ring. When you are ready to let go and would like to sell the next step here is the best places to sell your engagement ring like BestReviewsHub.

Getting the Best Price for Your Ring

If you just want to get rid of the ring for whatever price you can go to your nearest pawn shop or jewelry store and sell it to them. However, if you would like to get more value for your engagement ring you need to do a little more research. You need to know the quality and condition of your ring along, which will determine what your engagement ring is worth. Once you research this and have an idea what your engagement ring is worth you can then begin looking for a buyer for your ring.

Sell to an Online Diamond Buyer

With the expansion of the internet it is easy to sell you engagement ring to an online buyer. Retail buyers can be found on sites like EBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or specialty jewelry auction sites. When selling on these websites you need to have evidence showing what your ring is worth and documentation as to your stated value. Unfortunately there is a lot of online fraud which creates cautious buyers. Look at what others are selling similar rings for. Once you know the range of prices you can decide if are ready to sell.

Local jewelry stores, do not offer much value for your ring, but might be a good option if you want to exchange it for another piece. Most jewelry stores will be able to help you find another piece of jewelry that you can enjoy while letting go of unwanted memories that come with your engagement ring.

Online Diamond Buyers Have the Best Price

Selling an engagement ring through an online dealer provides a fast and easy process that will get rid of the ring quickly. This method generally offers the best wholesale price for your ring. A little research from online websites and a good understanding of their evaluation process can produce a fast turnaround with a fair price for your diamond engagement ring.

Knowing the diamond market and the information about the value of your ring will help you get more cash and in the end make you happier. Selling engagement rings is a booming business. Prices fluctuate daily and there are always diamond jewelry buyers looking to take unwanted rings off your hands.